Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mmmmm...salmon dill spread/dip!

Last year we were visiting my husband's grandparents, and his grandma made a fabulous smoked salmon dip. Pregnant at the time, I was limited my smoked meats and seafoods (better to err on the side of caution!), so I spared the family the shock of watching me eat the entire bowl with a spoon...Believe me, it was so good I was tempted! The minute I had my daughter, I bought a big package of smoked salmon and made my own take on grandma's wonderful dip. Mine is more of a spread, but it can be modified into a dip by blending in a bit of sour cream. This spread is great on bagels or with chips or crackers (I even ate some with carrots the other day). One of the great things about this spread is that you can eliminate any ingredient you don't like...don't care for red onions? Don't use them!

3 pieces of nova smoked salmon, diced
2 tbsp. red onion, minced
1 brick Philly cream cheese, softened
2 tbsp. fresh dill, minced
1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
salt, pepper to taste
1/8 cup sour cream (optional)


Stir together all ingredients and serve. As with the aioli, refrigerating for a few hours does wonders for the flavor of this spread/dip.

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