Sunday, April 26, 2009

Loving You Through Your Belly

There's nothing better than a good meal! As I often tell my husband, "I love you through your belly!" I love finding innovative ways to combine ingredients and breathe new life into old recipes and am especially happy when I can share dishes with people around me. More and more frequently, friends and family have asked me to share my recipes with them so that they can replicate my dishes at their own homes. I love making everything from appetizers to desserts and am always reading food magazines and watching The Food Network for inspiration and new techniques I can use in my kitchen. I hope you find something delicious to make or at the very least, that you enjoy reading about my love of food! I look forward to your comments and suggestions!


john.and.leann said...

Hey Alison! What an awesome idea! I'm already greatly anticipating your yummy recipes!!! Hope life as a new mom is going well!

john.and.leann said...

Hey Alison! This is an awesome idea! Looking forward to getting lots of yummy ideas from you. Your cooking always rocked. Hope life as a new mom is going well for you. Congratulations!

kim said...

This is the greatest blog ever! Wonderful. Thanks for sharing your happy belly with the rest of us. I bet Lauren is just itching to grow teeth to taste some of these delicious recipes. :)