Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thank you for your feedback!

To everyone who filled out a feedback form, thank you so much for your input! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying my blog and that you are learning new recipes and techniques as you read. Just to address a few of the comments:

-I had a few suggestions to add more casserole-type dishes on my blog. My husband is a little phobic about casseroles, so they typically don't show up in my kitchen too often. I do make several dishes that can be easily turned into casseroles. From now on, if there is a casserole variation, I will be sure to add it to my recipe!
-I will add some simple and easy dishes that combine store bought ingredients with some homemade ones, a la Sandra Lee! After all, delicious food does not always have to be complicated...
-I will work on adding serving information to my posts; I know, I'm terrible about doing this consistently!
Thank you again for your feedback!!

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